2 Locations to Better Your Needs:
Traverse City & Gaylord


Traverse City: 231-941-6550

Gaylord: 989-448-8344

Academic Deficiency, Dyslexia & Learning Disorder Program

COMPONENTS: This process begins with a consultation session designed to gather information and create a plan to address the existing problem. The psychologist may then order the appropriate psychological tests some of which will be administered by our test technicians. After all of the appropriate data has been gathered the psychologist will typically conduct a feedback session with the involved individual(s) to discuss results of the testing and provide valuable consultation. Our staff has the capability of consulting directly with school personnel and in school settings if necessary. Detailed narrative reports of the evaluations and testing can also be generated upon request. Narrative reports are generally required by various educational institutes to document the presence of learning deficits and are needed to help develop remediation plans. In addition, narrative reports are required by testing companies that administer the ACT, SAT, GRE, L-SAT’s, etc.

SPECIFIC TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: This program is supervised by a licensed doctoral level psychologist with extensive training in psychological testing and provision of consultation services in academic settings. Other clinicians and test technicians who work in this program work under the supervision of this individual.

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