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Traverse City: 231-941-6550

Gaylord: 989-448-8344

ADHD Evaluation & Treatment

COMPONENTS: Our ADHD psychological evaluation is based on prevalent research. The basic evaluation specifically consists of history and interview session, behavioral observation and administration a personality inventory and ADHD rating scales. In some cases we recommend additional testing of intellectual functions and academic achievement abilities. The results of the evaluation are then given to the adult individual or parents of the child in a feedback session.

Typically the feedback session is devoted also to establishing an appropriate plan of action whether the diagnosis was made or ruled out.

SPECIFIC TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: The ADHD Evaluation and Treatment Program is operated by a licensed doctoral level psychologist. This psychologist has extensive training and years of experience with involvement with ADHD. Our clinicians and test technicians who work in this program work under the supervision of this individual.

*It should be noted that our program has not adopted an automatic pro-medication stance for all individuals diagnosed with ADHD. We retain an open philosophy in these matters and each case is evaluated carefully prior to making recommendations regarding psychotropic medications. We also take the individual’s or family’s personal philosophies into consideration when providing consultation in these types of matters.

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