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Bariatric Evaluation & Treatment

COMPONENTS: Our psychological evaluations are carefully tailored to the needs of individuals who are considering the surgery. Evaluation procedures include a session to discuss general history and background as well as specific information regarding the individual’s history of weight related issues. In addition, we require a personality inventory. Currently, we utilize the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 RF (MMPI-2 RF) to fulfill this need. The results of the interview and personality inventory are then combined and utilized to determine a recommendation regarding the surgery. The results of the evaluation and recommendations are placed into a narrative report and then forwarded to the surgeon’s office.

We accept referrals from physician’s offices for the counseling program and welcome individuals to refer themselves. (Please see the Psychotherapy and Counseling Program Methodology for detailed descriptions regarding the treatment process.)

SPECIFIC TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: The insurance companies require that a licensed doctoral level psychologist or a psychiatrist perform the required evaluations. This program is operated by and supervised by a licensed doctoral level psychologist. This psychologist has been involved with providing services to Bariatric clients for over a twenty-year period. The clinic has long prided itself with its dedication to individuals involved with the Bariatric surgical process.

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