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Custody Evaluation Program

COMPONENTS: OTPS uses multiple sources when gathering data including clinical interviews, behavioral observation, objective psychological testing, child abuse/neglect assessment, substance abuse assessment, and use of 3rd party information. An extensive library is maintained of up-to-date psychological test equipment and inventories commonly used in forensic and clinical settings. The evaluating psychologist engages in a formal process of compiling and reviewing the psychological data, prior to rendering recommendations that are in the best interests of the children. A thorough narrative report is then generated that clearly outlines all collected psychological data and child custody recommendations, which are formulated using the MICHIGAN CHILD CUSTODY ACT MCL 722.23.

FEES: Custody evaluation fees are dependent upon the number of adults and children involved. The fee is determined based on basic custody components and additional fees are added for mediation services and court testimony. Please contact the office for an estimate of fees for a specific case. It is our policy to require that fees be paid prior to the beginning of services.

SPECIFIC TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: This program is operated by a licensed doctoral level psychologist.

Old Town Psychological Services conducts all child custody evaluations based on the guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association.

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