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Couples & Family Counseling Program

COMPONENTS: These services generally initiate with an in depth interview to gain a global perspective regarding the related problematic issues. These interviews are typically conducted by a licensed psychologist or one of the staff members working within this program. In providing couples counseling sometimes each member of the couple is seen individually prior to meeting together and beginning the treatment process.

It should be pointed out that many times family and couples therapy services result in referrals for one of the involved parties to attend individual psychotherapy services. These referrals are generally made with the goal of improving the global situation by addressing the individual’s issues that are contributing to the relationship problem.

SPECIALIZED DEVELOPMENT & TREATMENT PLANS: After the initial assessment is complete and the family or couple has been assigned to the appropriate staff member, he or she will work to develop a specialized development and treatment plan. This plan is designed to guide the treatment process and ensure that specific goals and objectives are met

SPECIFIC TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Individuals working in this program are required to have a masters degree and to have specific training in couples and family counseling. We also require that they have had academic coursework in the foundational theories of couples and family therapy.

We pride ourselves in employing therapists that have the proper educational backgrounds. Our therapists found to have deficiencies in their academic backgrounds undergo our intensive in house training programs in order to upgrade their skills. In addition, all of our clinical staff receives continual supervised training and support that is provided by senior psychological staff within our organization.

*Often times third party health insurance companies will not reimburse for “couples or family services.” Please ask us to assist you if your insurance company provides you with a similar message.

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