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Psychological Evaluation

Testing Program

COMPONENTS: In keeping with our philosophies regarding testing and evaluation, the clinic has invested significant resources into this program. This includes training of our staff and accumulation of psychological testing resources. An extensive library of testing materials are stored and maintained.

We utilize test technicians to administer various psychological tests when appropriate. The use of technicians helps to reduce costs and improve turn around time for test results. Individuals employed in this capacity have been rigorously trained and are constantly subjected to programs designed to maintain and upgrade their skills.
Each comprehensive evaluation assesses the following areas of function: Intellectual Skills & Abilities, Personality Characteristics & General Psychological Adjustment, Academic Function & Adaptive Function.
We have appropriate materials to test individuals of all ages including infants, pre-school age children, grade school age children, adolescents and adults.

FEEDBACK SESSIONS & NARRATIVE REPORTS: When requested, special narrative reports are generated to illustrate and explain results. In addition, each individual participating in evaluation services is usually offered a feedback session, which is a special face to face meeting with a psychologist to discuss evaluation results. These meetings will also cover diagnostic inferences and information regarding treatment issues.

SPECIFIC TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Universities typically require several hours of course work with specific practical experience in the area of psychological testing prior to granting degrees in clinical psychology. Most state psychology licensing boards require psychologists to have taken specific graduate courses in psychological testing with associated experience in internship and practicum settings in order to be eligible for licensing. Many companies selling testing equipment only allow psychologists to purchase certain tests. Our program is operated and supervised by a licensed doctoral level psychologist.

USES OF TESTING: There are numerous situations in which psychological test results can be useful. We currently commonly apply these services in scenarios where individuals may be experiencing problems associated with Learning Disorders and Academic Issues, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bariatric Surgical Issues, ADHD, Anxiety & Depressive Disorders, Custody Evaluations, etc.

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