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Psychotherapy & Counseling Program

INDIVIDUALIZED DEVELOPMENT & TREATMENT PLANS: After the individual has been assigned to the appropriate staff member, he or she will work to develop an individualized development and treatment plan. This plan is designed to guide the treatment process and ensure that specific goals and objectives are met. As indicated above, it is our aim to help any individual to reach their full potential.

GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY: Most of our development and treatment programs are conducted on an individual basis. The clinic, however, periodically offers group psychotherapy services. If interested in a group meeting, please contact the office to check which groups are being offered.

SPECIFIC TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Psychotherapy is typically a very intense and potentially difficult undertaking. We believe that it is of the utmost importance to have a staff of qualified individuals who are equal to the task of assisting individuals who are in need of such services. Therefore, it is important for a clinician or therapist to have the proper academic background and history of supervised training to provide psychotherapy services. Our therapists providing this form of treatment are required to have academic exposure in the areas of developmental psychology, personality theory, individual differences, cognitive-affective bases of behavior, ethical issues in treatment and multiple forms of therapeutic intervention (cognitive/behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, insight oriented psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, etc).

In addition, our therapists who provide treatment services to children and adolescents are required to have had academic foundational coursework in the area of child & adolescent psychopathology and associated treatment methodology courses. The clinicians are also required to have accumulated substantial professional experience working with children.

We pride ourselves in employing therapists that have the proper educational backgrounds. Our therapists found to have deficiencies in their academic backgrounds undergo our intensive in house training programs in order to upgrade their skills. In addition, all of our clinical staff receives continual supervised training and support that is provided by senior psychological staff within our organization.

USES OF THERAPY: Our therapy and counseling program can typically be adapted to any psychological issue or problem. Generally we treat individuals with depression and anxiety issues, life stress and coping issues, adult ADHD problems, individuals with symptoms of major mental illness, child behavior problems, anger difficulties, pre and post Bariatric surgical issues, divorce and custody issues, etc.

*It should be noted that our program has not adopted an automatic pro-medication stance for all individuals diagnosed with affective disorders. We retain an open philosophy in these matters and each case is evaluated carefully prior to making recommendations regarding psychotropic medications. We also take the individuals or family.s personal philosophies into consideration when providing consultation in these types of matters.

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